My two makeup looks for the photo/video shoot for Futur8ing :3



I would be very grateful if you’d be able to help my by donating money to the Owl Experience Charity based in Stafford in the UK! all the money they have is being raised at shows and what people donate, they are currently trying to finish of the centre to be opened to the public which will hopefully bring some more money in! they have a site you can donate through paypal, even if you can’t donate reblogging this will help.

If you have any funding ideas or anything you would like to donate to them let me know and i can arrange to get it to them! or drop it off my self or have it forwarded on to them. they’re doing an amazing job to help all types of owls and to raise awareness of them in lots of different ways.

over Christmas they arranged for the owls to be able to drop Christmas cards of for people!! I think they would even be open to dropping of hogwarts letters if you lived in the midlands!! « go like them!!

even if you dont live in the UK you can still donate through paypal!!

I know its not Cyber fashion related but these birds always get over looked please help! and CyborgGoth will be back to full power very soon!!!!!


beep boop  o 3o

k1tt3h:The beautiful people of the cyberdog meet up

CyborgGoth - Miss Blue!

CyborgGoth - Radioactive and Bio-hazardous Twins

CyborgGoth - Pink & Black cutie! (name please?)

CyborgGoth - Twiggy Devour

CyborgGoth - ZeroLuie


Wasteland Wanderer by The Ouroboros

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