So far, the worst of it involved passing a gaggle of lively teenage girls, and one exclaimed, “What a silver fox!” Otherwise, strangers will generally categorize me as a mutant, and not as an octogenarian. 

Very rare to see silver hair so amazingly done but considering who it belongs to im not surprised, always perfection.


Since shaving my head I feel more beautiful than ever <3

I had a feeling that she would blow us away with her make up and designs once she shaved her hair off……..WOW, did she out do her self! Bring amazingly well done cyber make up like no one has done for a long time.

Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier


My face today for Cardiff Gay Pride!! xxx

Love this look!!



I’m raising money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation by shaving my head!  Please sponsor if you can.  Even £1 will help :)

CyborgGoth loves Laura and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation!!!! So what a brilliant idea for Laura to raise money! No matter how small or how big anything will help enormously. If you are not familiar with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation google it and have a read Sophies mother has done amazing work in the memory of her daughter for alternative people and we need to keep supporting the work they’re doing.


Wore this to a little semi rave gathering with friends, I wore a corset under it just in case it got hot, but yeah that ended up to be a good night. I’ll be getting out more with friends like this. This was also the only time I’ve been able to wear my cyber dog shirt and look good XD.

~Kyronin Velkysen [6/19/14]

Always been a sucker for neon green!
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